Sunroom Additions

Sunroom additions are an outstanding method to experience the open airs without being regularly exposed to the rain, blazing hot sun or insects.  The addition of a sunroom onto your home will allow you to enjoy your efforts in the backyard garden from inside your home.

Springfield Conservatories has numerous options to choose from, varying in price, and many of them including eco-friendly choices that are a lot more energy efficient than the common versions.  You may be able to customize the existing models to make your sunroom fit perfectly together with your kitchen.

Many individuals considering sunrooms are concerned with longevity, and rightly so. While that might have been a concern in the past, Springfield Conservatories' sunrooms are able to hold up against winds that are 100 mph and greater. They have a unique fiberglass construction that is the strongest of framing materials.  It is 5 times stronger than wood and vinyl.  Plus, the glass and fiberglass expand at virtually the same rates unlike aluminum, wood/composites, wood/clad and vinyl leaving a tight seal.  That means the heat and cold stay where they belong.

Call Springfield Conservatories today and let them show you what a great sunroom addition looks like when it's added to your home.